Testimony from “Confident Women Walking In Purpose Workshop” held on September 26, 2015. This is why Women Of Courage, Inc. exist today. It is vital that women be real and transparent. You never know what your next sister is going through! Stop looking down at the next women and be an encourager, you don’t know who life you may change by your actions and words. —- I just want to say thanks again for moving in God! I was truly at my wits end on yesterday. I almost didn’t come. I didn’t feel like doing anything but I got up and just threw on the first thing I could find to go to the group. It took everything in me to hold back my tears. I was just crying out to God about everything going on…I left to get something to eat and said I was just gonna go back into the room and cry for the last hour. I felt out of place because of how I was dressed but I decided to go into the workshop…and I’m glad I did…every speaker spoke on something I was dealing with and I felt better leaving than I did when I got there.”