Who We Are

Women of Courage is an 501(c)(3) organization that is committed to empowering, inspiring, motivating and supporting young ladies and women from all walks of life through community outreach, education, mentoring, seminars, strategic alliance and workshops.

Women of Courage foresee changing the lives of many young ladies and women around the world by providing them with the resources and tools that will able them to empower and unite women together to be positive change agents in their community and among their peers.

unnamedIn 2003, Lakisha Selby along with a small group of women friends and acquaintances began gathering at her mother’s home and at church to have conversations about the many challenges and issues that women face. At that time, Lakisha was dealing with her own emotional, mental, physical and spiritual brokenness from past relationships. Lakisha didn’t realize then that God was preparing her for something greater. The meet-ups and her past experiences would eventually culminate into her founding the organization Women Of Courage. Lakisha, who was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. She is the mother of four and has personally faced many challenges and trials as a woman that could have very-well defeated or killed her. That which did not kill her has made her stronger. She re-emerged determined to turn her pain into purpose. She seeks to empower and to help women she has encountered who could relate to and who needed to hear a positive word by being transparent and sharing her story. Not only has Lakisha’s personal experiences contributed to the birthing of Women Of Courage, but also working in a local women’s shelter in Wilmington, Delaware, has inadvertently given her the opportunity to see, firsthand the common conditions and circumstances that derail women and leave them off track emotionally and financially.

In 2012, Lakisha held her 1st Annual Women of Courage Chat & Chew. More than a hundred women from all walks of life were in attendance for this inaugural event. The feedback was tremendous with the consensus being that it succeeded in making women feel uplifted, empowered, inspired and motivated. The speakers, many of whom shared not only encouraging words but real life stories of struggle and triumph were particularly effective.

Lakisha continues to strive and conquer new accolades. In May of 2013 she received her Bachelor of Science Degree from Springfield College of Human Services in Wilmington, Delaware and is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management & Leadership at Capella University. Lakisha Selby has overcome many obstacles that have helped her grow to a point of self-empowerment and self-love that she feels driven and inspired to share. She has made it her spiritual obligation and life’s mission to pay it forward by helping other women build their self-esteem, personal development and find the empowerment within them to reach their full potential. Armed with this information, she continues to develop an ever-growing understanding of the needs and sensibilities of women, overall to infuse into her organization and its mission.